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[More than 50 people capacity]
Meeting room can accommodate 54 people with school-style layout. Please use it for a training or meeting.





You can change the layout according to the style of a meeting or a training.
* You can see the picture in which a projector is being used if you hover the mouse cursor over each picture.

  • コの字型イメージ 【コの字型】
  • シアター型イメージ 【シアター型】
  • スクール型イメージ 【スクール型】
  • ロの字型イメージ 【ロの字型】


Komolebi Meeting Room   MAX
Size Theater style School style Square style U-shaped style
90m² 80 people 54 people 42 people 33 people





  • [1] Microphone and audio equipment are fully equipped
  • [2] Power supply is fully equipped
  • [3] Projector
  • [4] Screen
  • In addition, items which are necessary for a meeting such as blackboard, whiteboard, pointer, etc. are prepared. You can also use the Internet in the meeting room.


Item Number Fee
Blackboard 1 Free
Whiteboard 1
Microphone (Wired/Wireless) 2
Microphone stand (Large/Small) 1
Pointer 1
Extension cord 2
LAN cable 1
Projector 1 10,000 yen in a set
(excluding consumption tax)
Screen (Fixed type) 1


Utilization time 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM/9:00 AM to 12:00 AM in the next morning
Beverage Coffee  300 yen (excluding consumption tax)
* Prepared in the meeting room.
Lunch Curry and rice  1,000 yen (excluding consumption tax)
* Advanced reservations are required and prepared and served in the restaurant.




You can use the meeting room for free for 3 hours.
Usage fee for equipments are free.  * Some equipments are charged for their use.
LAN can be used for free as well.
    Japanese-style room Japanese-Western-style room
Training plan Weekdays 7,800円 9,800円
Day before a holiday 9,800円 11,800円
Training plan with Oomi beef Weekdays 9,800円 11,800円
Day before a holiday 11,800円 13,800円
  • * It costs 1,000 yen more if you use one room for two people.
  • * You need to pay another 150 yen for bathing tax.
  • * We accept the reservation with more than 20 people. (Please make an inquiry to us if your party is less than 20 people.)


Komolebi Meeting Room is used as seminar lodging trips for college and workshops on various fields.

2006year Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Nagoya University, Okayama University of Science
2007year Ishikawa Textile University, Osaka University
2008year Nagoya Sangyo University, Kyoto Institute of Technology, Kyoto Tachibana University, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University, Osaka Sangyo Univ., Kanazawa University, Osaka University
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