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Meeting room

Meeting room
Meeting room

A room suitable for a range of needs

Meeting room can accommodate 54 people with school-style layout. Please use it for a training or meeting.

Microphone and audio equipmentPower supply



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  • [1] Meeting room (when using a projector)
  • [2] Meeting room (when using fluorescent lights)
  • [3] Microphone and audio equipment are fully equipped
  • [4] Power supply is fully equipped
  • [5] Projector
  • [6] Screen
  • In addition, items which are necessary for a meeting such as blackboard, whiteboard, pointer, etc. are prepared.

Banquet room - Shakunage

The room where you can enjoy a pleasant time with your companions at ease.
■ Size: 30-tatami-mat room

Banquet room - Shakunage

Party room - Momiji

This is the room for an afterparty where you can enjoy a pleasant time for conversation at ease. This room also can be used as a meeting room before banquet or a room for a separate meeting etc.

■ Number of seat: 24 seats at a maximum
[Utilization time] 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM
[Fee] 2,000 yen per hour (excluding consumption tax)
[Reservation] We accept reservations from two days prior to the day you are using. Please make an inquiry by phone.
* You can bring your own food and drink. You can also order beverages at the restaurant. We are always at your service. (Last call: 9:00 PM)

Party room - Momiji

Dining Hall

Restaurant overlooking the garden - Fuuka

Dinner and breakfast are served here. Please enjoy the meal in the comfortable space overlooking the garden.
■ Number of seat: 55 seats

dining hall

Restaurant - Fuukagarden

  • [1] Full view of the restaurant, Fuuka
  • [2] Overlooking the garden


A contemporary lobby welcomes you

We welcome you at the renewed lobby which is a modern space lighted by warm lighting.



Recreation Facilities

Amusement room

Create wonderful memories...

Please make enjoyable memories in the wholly remodeled amusement room of Yunoyado Komolebi. You can use the equipments such as billiards etc. in the recreation facility for free.

Karaoke roomPing-pong setBilliard set

  • [1] Amusement room
  • [2] Karaoke room
  • [3] Ping-pong set
  • [4] Billiard set
Free Billiards/Ping-pong/Vibration machine/Massaging chair/Game of go/Japanese chess/Mah-jong/Playing cards/Othello/Japanese playing cards
Fee-based Karaoke room (10 seats)/1,000 yen per hour for one room
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