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[Feel at home] Rooms of relaxation

Rooms of relaxation
Rooms of relaxation

Time of rest and relaxation on the side of Lake Biwa

Yunoyado Komolebi: which is located on a hill surrounded by a quiet environment.
Please enjoy a pleasant time according to your traveling style.

Introducing our guest rooms

2F Japanese-style

8-tatami-mat room/24 to 28m2
For 4 people

2F Japanese-style
3F Japanese-style

3F Japanese-style

6 to 8-tatami-mat-room/24 to 27m2
For 3 to 4 people

3F Japanese-style

12.5-tatami-mat room + Western-style room/46m2
Number of room: 1/For 6 people

3F Japanese-style

Western-style with tatami

Western-style with tatami

* Click the image on the right side and see the bigger size of images of each room.

Please rest in the wide bed manufactured by Simmons.

4-tatami-mat + twin bed/33 to 36m2/number of rooms: 4/for 4 people

Room facilities

Facilities TV/Safe/Refrigerator (nothing inside)/Tea set/Electric pot/Toilet with bidet functions with warm water/
Bath amenities Hand towel/Bath towel/Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Yukata (Japanese bathrobe) (Please pick up the one for your size from the dedicated corner in front of the counter. Chabaori (a short haori) and Obi (band) are prepared in your room.)
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