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Yunoyado Komolebi TOP - Five reasons that Komolebi is selected

The 5 Reasons

The 5 Reasons
The 5 Reasons

Komolebi attains customer satisfaction with its own style.

What is the reason for satisfying more than 90 percent of our guests? We introduce our own style that guests can fully enjoy the hot springs, cuisine, and rooms at a reasonable rate.
Please see the reviews from our guests.

Reason No.1 [7,800 yen per night (including two meals)] (about 78 USD) * 100 yen to the dollar.

Regarding the accommodation rate for Komolebi, you can use a Japanese-style room for three people with only 7,800 yen per night (excluding consumption tax) per person for weekdays with the most standard plan, Toku-Toku Plan. Our guests sometimes ask us that "Why so cheap?", "Are the meals included?", "Are you really okay?", etc. No wonder people worry about our rate compared to the one for common business hotels in town, because ours are for a Hot-spring hotel and also two meals are included.

Then how can Komolebi do with this rate? Because we totally pass the savings on to you by providing simple service called “Assari” service. Komolebi does not have what you call Waitress. Of course our desk clerk takes you on a grand tour of the hotel facilities when you check in, however "costly" service such as showing you to your room, serving tea are cut instead. We have not waitress to do room service, but we prepare your meals in the restaurant.

Also, we rarely advertise by using a newspaper flyer or a leaflet in a paper and business operations to travel companies. Most of the reservations are by direct phone call to our hotel and by the Internet.

We give back to our guests by making cost savings reasonably responding to our guest's request that they would like to enjoy a hot-spring hotel with reasonable rate. This is the primary reason that Yunoyado Komolebi is selected.

About our Guest Rooms

Reason No.2 We want to hear you say “Yummy!”.

Honestly, the meal Komolebi serves is not luxurious. However, we think that it is natural to make delicious meal with expensive ingredients. How to make a delicious meal with common ingredients is the moment to show chef's stuff in a real sense. This is what Mr. Yokoyama's, who is a master chef for Komolebi, persistence to cuisine.

Because of that, he does not stick to the presentation of the meal. In the plan last summer, we serve otsukuri (sliced raw fish) with freshly squeezed juice of lemons and sesame and salt instead of soy sauce. Also, we sold the limited plan last autumn in which we serve curry-pot that is cooked and served with a pot. Of course the last dish for this plan is curry-rissoto. We provided the plan including spareribs last winter. Any of those meals may not bring up the image of that in hot-spring hotels. But, unfortunately...everything is delicious! No, it's elegant "delicious"! Or it's rather "Yummy"! This expression must be fit for this. What Komolebi is pursuing is this "Yummy" cuisine.

What we are aiming at is to hear the word "delicious" from our guests. We will keep serving delicious meal to our guests not being influenced by the form. Master chef Yokoyama's challenge still continues on.

About our Meals

Reason No.3 You can go around hot springs even in a small inn. You can use open-air bath in our sister hotel (Yumotokan).

Komolebi is a three story building which has 20 guest rooms and can accommodate approximately 60 guests. Our big bath includes indoor hot springs for both men's bath and women's bath, and of course the hot water is drawn from Ogoto Hot Spring which is well known as good bath water. It is not so big, however it is enough to enjoy.

But it is also true that there are some guests who would like to enjoy an open-air bath because they think they come all the way to a hot-spring area. Thus, in response to this demand, we made an accessway to the sister hotel, Yumotokan which is located next to Komolebi. You can use the hotel facilities in Yumotokan such as a big bath etc. as many times as you would like until you check out if you pay an additional fee of 600 yen (excluding consumption tax) per person. Yumotokan has four fascinating big baths such as an open-air bath called "Gesshin-no-yu" which has a grandstand view of the entire Lake Biwa, and "Togenshouyou" which calls up an image of rustic mountain valleys, etc. It is our guests' privilege that they can go around fine hot springs in Yumotokan with only 600 yen(excluding consumption tax).

Staying at Komolebi with reasonable rate and going around hot springs in Yumotokan by walking through the accessway; This is the smart way of enjoying Komolebi.

About our Hot Spring

Reason No.4 Not only can you relax, but also you can stay at ease.

Most guests in hot-spring hotels must be looking forward to "bath" and "meal". But they still have enough time after enjoying hot springs and meals. You can stay as long as 21 hours if you wish because our check-in time is 2:00 PM and the check-out time is 11:00 AM. We would also like our guests to enjoy to their heart's content other than hot springs and meals. We wholly redesigned the amusement room in September 2009 based on that idea.

We already have had one, however, it was like a dim and soot-covered room. We did full makeover on this amusement room because we want to hear that our guests say "It was really to choose Komolebi Hotel." pursuing the hotel that can entertain guests getting rid of the idea that we provide enough service for the price. You can play ping-pong, billiards and use a massaging chair, vibration machine free of charge and regarding a karaoke room, you can use it with only 1,000 yen per hour regardless of the number of people.

You can hear joyful laughter every day till late at night from the amusement room in Komolebi.

About our Facilities

Reason No.5 Hotel with satisfaction degree 90%

We are striving for customer satisfaction every day. As the result of it, we have received a very high evaluation from our guests. The followings are the part of questionnaire result from our guests.

Aggregated (Aggregated from 385 Yunoyado Komolebi guest surveys collected from August 2017 to July 2018 (excluding no-responses))

The percentage of the people who were "satisfied" with our service is 90.9%, and the one who want to come back here again is, surprisingly, 99.7%. We really appreciate this.

What do you think of this? We hope you understand the reason why "Komolebi" is chosen by people. Please visit our "Yunoyado Komolebi". We, all staff, are looking forward to welcome you with "the very best smile"!

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