What’s “Omi Beef”?

What’s Omi Beef?

The top three Wagyu brands in Japan are "Ohmi beef", "Matsuzaka beef", and "Kobe beef".
Among these, Ohmi beef has a reputation for its tenderness, unique sweet flavor, and profound taste.
The unique, sweet, smooth flavor will spread throughout your mouth.

Ohmi beef has about 400 years of history. It is one of the top three Wagyu brands.
There are two key reasons why Ohmi beef has been loved for many years.
First, Ohmi cattle are raised in an environment surrounded by bountiful nature and water. It makes better high marbling score.
Second, Ohmi merchant had a concept of "Sanpou-yoshi" (benefit for all three sides). Their pride to do a good business has enhanced Ohmi beef's reputation.

Attract Gourmets

It is no exaggeration to say that good beef is determined by the fat content. Not only the quantity, but also the quality is important.
Ohmi Beef has lower melting point of 24.8 degree while the normal Wagyu beef is 29 degree thus you can digest it quickly. In addition to having a very fine meat grain, this meat is distinctive from other types as the only kind to have fat with viscosity.

Ohmi beef has been loved by men and women of all ages but especially young women because it is easily to eat.
We take full advantage of the delicious taste and offer you as a Kaiseki style meal.
You can enjoy it as a sirloin steak or in Shabu Shabu.
You will be amazed by the softness and sweet flavor of the beef.

Recommend Plan

Omi Beef Steak and Shabu-Shabu Plan

Omi Beef Steak
and Shabu-Shabu Plan

The perfect plan to enjoy Omi beef!

This plan offers Omi beef both in steak and shabu-shabu.
Each of them uses 70 g of special A5-grade certified Omi beef, one of the three finest types of wagyu beef in Japan.
Savor the taste of Omi beef to your heart's content.

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